About Us

Modular Concepts, Inc.

Our Approach

We are a leading provider of casework, millwork and laboratory systems for educational and institutional markets in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In today’s fast paced world of construction, no project comes without its own set of challenges either in the design phase or through conflicts driven by field conditions. We view each of these challenges as an opportunity to demonstrate the value we add by being able to identify and remedy them early in the process. We have the unique ability to see your project through the eyes of an installer and provide timely solutions to any challenge that may arise.


Our Story

Incorporated in 1988, we got our start as a Casework & Millwork Installation firm providing those services for other local representatives. I like to say that we were “hired by a truck driver” to become a dealer rep for TMI Systems Design in 2000. We had unloaded and installed many, many truckloads of casework for one specific driver at TMI who had always been impressed by our work ethic. In 2000, he made mention of that to a Senior Vice President at the factory and within a few months, we were asked to become their dealer for the state of Maryland. In short order, our efforts garnered us an invitation to expand that to include Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. Today we are one of the Top 3 Dealers for TMI in the Nation.